Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Chavelle Hallback Signs with The Daily Sports!!!

FOR IMMEDAITE RELEASEQueensbury, New York - Boxing Promotions has announced the signing of Former WIBF World Featherweight, IBAF & WIBA World Super Featherweight and Current IFBA World Lightweight Champion, Chevelle Hallback to an Advisor's contract today.Hallback won the vacant IFBA World Lightweight Title in her last fight on June 13, 2008 when she and Jeannine Garside fought in a battle for the ages in Albuquerque, New Mexico.After getting frustrated over the fact that no one wanted to fight her, she has taken the last eighteen months off. Now, after surrounding herself with a new team, she is ready to be recognized as the number one Women's P4P fighter in the World."Titles are great, but what I want is to be considered the best P4P female fighter in the World. I feel that there's not another woman fighter between 135 - 147 pounds on the planet that can beat me", Hallback said from her home in Tampa, Florida. She added, "I am ready to go and my goal for 2010 is simple: I will fight and KO any other fighter, belt or no belt that's willing to get in the ring with me. I believe that all boxing fans will appreciate my improved fan friendly style, which before I retire, will help me fight on the HBO network. I plan on creating so much excitement for women's boxing that the boxing fans will demand that the suits at HBO step up to the plate and put me on!"Hallback does not have a fight scheduled yet, but has begun training and hopes that other female fighters will step up to the plate and fight her in order to put Women's boxing on the map once and for all!Stay tuned for more information on Chevelle Hallback. For additional information, please email

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ward defeats Kessler

The Olympic Gold Medalist and hometown hero Andre Ward became the new Super Middleweight defeating Mikkel Kessler in the 11th round in Oakland California. The Super Six World Boxing Classic on Showtime Boxing was a great night for Andre Ward, the cheers from his hometown crowd helped fuel Ward to a championship victory.
Ward seemed to control the match connecting with quick jabs to the face. Kessler received a deep cut over his left eye and under his right eye in the seventh round. Kessler complained to his corner before the eight that he couldn’t see. The tough Kessler forged on into the ninth taking more damaging blows from the aggressive and crafty Ward. The match went on under close supervision from the ringside doctor. The fight was stopped in round 11 by a technical decision advancing Andre Ward to the WBA Super Middleweight Title. It was another great night of Boxing as we move forward to the next round of The Super Six World Boxing Classic.

Bill Stephens

Sunday, July 26, 2009

R.I.P. Vernon Forrest 02-12-1971-to- 7-25-2009

The boxing world lost another former World Champion in a senseless act of Violence in Northwest Atlanta. At the young age of 38 years old Vernon Forrest was shot to death in an attempted car jacking. The Atlanta police reported that Forest was airing a tire on his Jaguar when the attempted car jacking occurred; Forrest had a gun and was involved in a chase with the suspects. Vernon Forrest was shot between seven and eight times with a semi automatic weapon and one fatal shot to the head. Two suspects still remain at large.
The former Olympian and three time world Champion had amassed a record of 41-3-1 with 29 knockouts. In a year when we think we have seen enough tragedy in the sport of professional boxing the bad news keeps coming. We have to ask ourselves, when will the senseless violence end and the real fight against crime begin? A father, son , and former Champion was taken from this world to soon.
R.I.P. Vernon Forrest. 02-12-1971 to 7-25-2009 you will be missed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Arturo Thunder Gatti 4-15-1972to 7-11-2009 R.I.P.

The Boxing world has lost another legend long before his time. Former World Champion Arturo Gatti was found dead in a beachfront villa while on honeymoon with his wife and son in Pernambuco Brazil. Arturo Thunder Gatti 40(31KO)+9(5KO) was one of the most entertaining fighters to watch. Gatti a former WBC Light Welterweight Champion, IBF Super Featherweight Champion, USBA Super Featherweight Champion brought excitement and charisma to the ring. His most memorable matches occurred with the heavily hyped Mickey Ward trilogies in which were great battles for both fighters.
Gatti was born in Montreal Canada, raised in Italy and resided in Jersey City, New Jersey during his boxing career. Arturo Thunder Gatti has developed a huge following in the Atlantic City area in which he fought many great fights at the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Gatti announced his retirement in 2007 after an unexpected loss to Alfonso Gomez in Atlantic City.
Gatti was a fighter who had the rare combinations of style, looks, skill and the commercial appeal to bring excitement in and out of the ring. Arturo Thunder Gatti was a one of a kind fighter and will be missed throughout the world. Our Prayers and thoughts go out to the family.

Bill Stephens

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raging Bull by Jake La Motta

My Story by Jake La Motta with Joseph Carter and Peter Savage gives the reader a look inside the mind of The Raging Bull.
The Bull takes you along the path of his life of hard knocks from Juvenile detention centers with Rocky Graziano, through his brushes with the law through the crime ridden streets of the Bronx. The street fights and survival instincts that took a young La Motta into the ring to shape his destiny. The Bull left a life of crime to rise to the top of the ranks until finally giving in to the mob to get the title shot that was long overdue. The once unstoppable and fan favorite the Raging Bull found himself standing in the middle of Madison Square Garden getting booed for the poor performance of his thrown match to Billy Fox. La Motta got his title shot and defeated Marcel Cerdan on June 16th 1949 to become the Middleweight Champion of the World.
The Bronx Bull gives you a glimpse of the life in the fast lane to losing everything he had worked so hard for. With the loss of his wife and family from divorce, to spending millions and ending up in solitary confinement and working on a chain gang. The Bull’s time in solitary confinement was a wake up call to pick himself back off of the mat and begin an attempt at an acting career.
This two hundred twenty seven page autobiography published by Decapo Press lays out the life of one of the most feared fighters of perhaps the greatest generation in the sport. Raging Bull My Story is a great read that is irresistible to put down until finished.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alexis Arguello 1952-2009

R.I.P. Champ

Former Champion and Hall of Fame Inductee Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor pays tribute to his friend.

Dear Boxing Fans,

Alexis Arguello and I shared a bond that began with our historic fight on November 12, 1982 at the Orange Bowl in Miami , FL. That bond will never be broken. I had the honor of helping my friend campaign when he was seeking political office and I always enjoyed our many visits and phone conversations through out the years. I am deeply saddened by his passing. Boxing has lost one of the greatest champions to ever step in the ring. Alexis Arguello was a true gentleman and I was blessed to call him my friend.

Please join us at for a further tribute to The Explosive Thin Man. There is information on the home page and an additional page titled “The Great Alexis Arguello”.

Alexis, we will miss and love you always.

Aaron 'The Hawk' Pryor
1996 Int'l Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee